As a small local business ourselves - we take very seriously supporting other local Atlanta businesses. Here are a sampling of businesses that we support in our shop!


We get our coffee from Beanealogy Roasters - a local micro-roaster.  We are glad to support a business that is steeped in supplying fairly traded coffee. From their website:

Selva Negra Estate Coffee is grown at a high altitude in a shaded environment. This allows the bean to have a slow development cycle which instills an intense and fulfilling flavor to each bean. The coffee is not only 100% Arabica, but more importantly it is grown on a large percentage of Bourbon and Typica coffee trees (which produce higher quality beans than other varieties of coffee trees). The region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua is mountainous with excellent volcanic soil for the coffee growing enjoyment. Finally, the coffee is prepared using an environmentally friendly washing process, which gives the coffee still one more unique quality enhancing aspect.


Local Products

H&F Bread CO - We use only the finest local bread products on our sandwiches.  The majority of our pastries are provided by H&F as well.

Emerald City Bagels - A wonderful local baker that came to us thanks to a customer request!

Atlanta Fresh Dairy - Our yogurt parfaits are made using their amazing greek yogurt.

Arden’s Garden - An Atlanta staple for close to two decades!  You can find their amazing juices stocked in our cooler.

Atlanta Harvest - When you get lettuce on your sandwich or salad - you can rest in the knowledge that it is grown sustainably less than 1 mile from our store.  Can’t get more local than that!

Ashley Sue’s Baked Goods - When a baker moves into the neighborhood - it’s a real treat!  Like for real - try one of her amazing pop-tarts made with seasonal fruit!

Purebliss Granola - Only the finest granola products go into our Yogurt Parfaits!